Leading Edge


Anthony L. George, Vice President, Financial Advisor

Darcee Campanella, Registered Client Associate, CRPC®

Welcome to our website.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better. The achievement of financial objectives depends on a disciplined, integrated approach to managing each of the many facets of one's financial life.

The Leading Edge is the part of a wing that first contacts the air. It is a critical component of lift and part of what makes an aircraft fly. We believe that like a Leading Edge, we are in a critical position in our clients' lives. Wealth management is about more than just helping you manage assets. We help you uncover what is most important in your life, prioritize multiple goals, offering guidance and create a strategic plan that leads to the life and the legacy you've always imagined.

We believe that our role is understanding what is important to you and helping you achieve your financial goals so that you can pursue what matters most.

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